Nothing recharges a woman's enthusiasm, like girl chatter and fabulous cloths!


It’s so important for young moms to recharge themselves. 

Step away from the responsibilities that require her every thought, word, or activity to be given to her family. 

Nothing recharges a woman more than sharing conversation and laughter with other women.

It makes us remember that FIRST we are women, with much to offer, 

Not only to our family, but to a world that is enriched, BECAUSE of us. 

Moms are Diva’s too! 

So Ladies… take a day … an afternoon, 

Put on something sassy and go hang out with your Besties…

And when you head home, remember to take a little of the laughter and light-hearted girl time with you, for when you NEED to be reminded how fabulous you really are!

*Special Thanks to our guests: Paula McLoud, Morgan McLoud, and Adrienne Upton. We MUST do it again!

*A very special thank you to Sally Webber for sharing the gorgeous clothing for our filming, from her lovely boutique, Scout and Molly's, in Annapolis MD.